Beginning of Wisdom

Proverbs from the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East


The pronunciation scheme is an attempt to guide one in modern Israeli (Ashkenazi) pronunciation; it is not meant to be a transliteration scheme. Thus, for example, kh is used without distinction for both ח and כ (pronounced as German ch in Bach). Capital letters mark to stressed syllables. The following is a guide to the pronunciation of the vowels.

a = as in father
e = as in get
ee = as in see
i = as in fit
ay = as in day
eye = as in eye
o = as in go
u = as in you
‘ = neutral schwa vowel as in ago

I want to thank Serve-a-Verse ( for providing a starting point for my pronunciation scheme (though I’ve departed in some notable ways), and the Westminster Leningrad Codex site ( for making the Hebrew text available.


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