Beginning of Wisdom

Proverbs from the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East


My name is John and I’m an editor and teacher in the fields of biblical and ancient Near Eastern studies, living in Winona Lake, IN (guess where I work). This blog was inspired by the Latin Proverb of the Day blog and my son Colin’s fascination with discussing proverbs of all sorts. We decided that somebody needed to start posting the wealth of proverbs from the ancient Near East. We mostly post proverbs from the Hebrew Bible proverbs, but we hope to eventually include some Aramaic proverbs from Ahiqar, and aphorisms from the Babylonian and Egyptian wisdom writings. The blog name comes from the ponderous and almost tautological statement in Proverbs 4:7 that The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom! Fittingly, our first post deals with this proverb.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Dad and Pam said

    Really Cool!
    Does this mean that Colin will replace you at work if you call in sick? Love, DAD
    Merry Christmas, Cooks, from the NJ Cooks.
    Great idea, and looking forward to Proverbs 31 !! Love, PAM

  2. Dad & Mom said

    Just arrived in Singapore early this morning (12:45am)and after a long winter’s (?) nap was able to finally log on to email and the internet. Congrats on your blogsite. Haven’t read all your posts yet, but we’re impressed! Ah, wisdom, thou art a jewel (or was that about something else?!)

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