Beginning of Wisdom

Proverbs from the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East

Guarded mouth (Proverbs 13:3)

Posted by jac/cdc on February 6, 2007

נֹצֵר פִּיו שֹׁמֵר נַפְשֹׁו פֹּשֵׂק שְׂפָתָיו מְחִתָּה־לֹו׃

no-TSAYR PEEV sho-MAYR naf-SHO po-SAYK s’-fa-TAV m’-chi-ta-LO

Whoever watches his mouth guards his life; whoever opens his lips—ruin for them.

Careful speech is a favorite topic in Jewish wisdom literature (e.g., Prov 10:19; 12:13; 14:3; 18:7; Ben Sira 5:13; 20:18; 28:26; cf. James 3) and worldwide (e.g., Fililpino proverb The tongue is only three inches long but it can kill even a king).


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